VirtuPharma System User Manual (Beta 1.0)


Thank you for visiting our website Virtupharma. In this manual we provide supporting information how to use our platform. We hope that you enjoy using our products and services. If you need more help, please send us a message at Alternatively, you can also contact us on: +61 2 8052 3988 and reach us on the social media.

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About us

World’s first cloud-based science laboratories; a platform that gives an opportunity to access remotely and operate cloud-based, complex lab instruments both real and virtual. Whether you need real-world job skills in the life sciences industry, virtual centers around scientific instrumentation, or on-the-job training for candidates, VirtuPharma makes individual learning a breeze. Acquire relevant lab skills for your job by training in cloud-based virtual laboratories with VirtuPharma.

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User Management

VirtuPharma supports two types of users:

  1. General Learners & Instructors
  2. University Students & Teachers


Click on the Signup tab and then Click on the Register tab to open the signup form. Select the user type:

Check, "I agree to the VirtuPharma Terms of Use and Acknowledge it's Privacy Statement and the EULA conditions", fill in reCapcha, then Click on register button to complete the registration process. After successful registration, go to your email account used during the registration and Click on the link received from the VirtuPharma to activate your account.

Forgot password

Theme Options

University Student - Registration

University Student-Resetting Password

University Teacher- Resetting Password

General User-Resetting Password

How To Become Instructor

  • Register as a normal user
  • Send a request
  • After checking expertise credentials, you will be granted a permission to teach on the platform
  • How To Use The Labs-All Users

    Lab Access-Students

    Lab Access-Teachers

    Lab Access-General Users

    How To Setup Experiments-Coming Soon...