12 April 2021 News

VirtuPharma in collaboration with the i2CAT is pleased to announce our latest feat – receiving 200K funding for Research and Innovation from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program. Winning this grant is a strong indication that our innovative contributions to the field of lab science are not going unnoticed. We are pleased to know that the European Union aligns with our goal of creating a better future for lab science using technology.

In partnership with the i2CAT, we aim to democratize individual real-world lab settings and equipment creating easy accessibility from anywhere and at any time. Diagnostic centers, instrument manufacturers, students, lab technicians, chemists, and pathologist departments will benefit from such facilities by cutting down their project running costs and timelines.

By leveraging our highly-regulated lab environment, we will be helping students, lecturers, and scientists bridge the gap between learning and access to the necessary facilities. So, whether you need real-world job skills in the life sciences industry, virtual centers around scientific instrumentation, or on-the-job training for your new candidates, VirtuPharma can make it all happen. 

Watch this space for more updates as we go on this exciting journey together!

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