A new collaboration

We are extremely happy to announce our latest collaboration with the National Weighing and Instruments Group, Australia. 

Yet another successful trial of the VirtuPharma Labs

In line with our commitment to ensuring unhindered access to state-of-the-art scientific and educational lab facilities irrespective of location, we are pleased to inform you of a successful trial in our Virtual Pharmaceutical Laboratory.

Future of Lab Work is Cloud-Based

The laboratory serves as the foundation and the hub of all the tools of research and experimentation. Without the proper data treatment and analysis done within an appropriate environment of the lab, all we will be left with is a hypothesis.

Investing in our laboratories and equipment can be quite costly for most of us. Perhaps we already have our laboratories but lack specialized equipment for a one-time task. We're going to discuss the solution to all these problems here.

Scientific Lab Education Needs Revamp

Science education sector for the better part of the last few decades has grown as a sector. Yet, the growth is still questionable since the looming pandemic of COVID-19 has proven otherwise. With so much of investments in the infrastructures and state of the art facilities, the teaching and the learning process is still modeled on the outdated class-based lecture system. VirtuPharma efficiently challenges the rampant idea of physical labs for real-science with their virtual cloud-based labs. The fact that we have harnessed all facets of technology yet the overarching need for a better and updated education deliverance system is long overdue.

Today, the giant educational infrastructures stand deserted and institutions are looking at online learning platforms to bring the educational process to somewhat normalcy amidst the lockdown. As the future of the learning sector is in-process of a major revamp and VirtuPharma is already headed in that direction.