29 July 2019 Laboratories
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VirtuPharma - Doing Remote Lab Work A Possibility

The extensive opportunity of local area networks has allowed several effective teaching and instruction methods, especially in the area of distance learning. In the science disciplines, educators are continually searching for ways to give their students more time, with a flexible and affordable effective method. This is particularly vital for lab technicians, chemists, and pathologist departments that may have restricted access to laboratories, especially those with sophisticated equipment. One solution is the use of remote access to engineering labs and test instrumentation. Remote lab access allows students to experience test instruments and equipment.

Students’ primary problem at science and engineering schools is that it is challenging for universities to give high-quality experimental training since there are not enough laboratories and resources available.

VirtuPharma is building cloud-based science laboratories within regulatory accreditation. It provides remote access to complex lab instruments to implement individual learning skills in the science industry.  It has been established to help the students’ learning and to reduce equipment costs. Labs are vital in STEM teaching since they allow the connection between theory and practice.

Thanks to VirtuPharma, more students have access to equipment as they have greater flexibility in lab scheduling, a full range of activities, and more chances for collaboration among them. Increasing the amount of time that students have access to lab devices can result in better job skills and more varied learning.

One of the primary advantages that VirtuPharma offers is that students can engage in learning at any moment and from anywhere. Students don’t need to depend on the times that campus buildings are open, and staff members are working. Access to laboratories opens the door to projects that may take longer than a typical class meeting time.


VirtuPharma strengthened student collaboration opportunities by eliminating the same time and same place limitations posed by traditional workgroups. Working teams whose members are separated around the country or even the world can practice in this work environment to give them a head-start.

Since you get access to a platform that trains and connects top scientists in real-time, you learn practical lab skills, often not taught in university qualification. All the experts at VirtuPharma have years of experience with some of the world’s most prestigious  lab work utilizing companies.


VirtuPharma has been created for science and engineering education and involves the utilization of expensive tools that are exceptionally available in most institutions.

Finally, the primary purpose of VirtuPharma is to provide individual real-world lab job settings and equipment to individuals passionate about science and lab.

For more information about VirtuPharma, join us today!